Hungarian stamps

About us

About us

I’m Gabor Mezei from Hungary, the dreamer of the “Civisfila” Hungarian stamps side.

Various stamp auction sites (Ebay, Delcampe, etc.) are available in countless countries around the World, but sellers are forced to work in high prices and the sellers can’t put many stamps because the auction sides selling fees are very high!

We are looking for a solution to these problems! We tried to create an “easy-to-use” page, short by stamp start time. Many collectors collect themed stamps. We have put my favorite motif stamps into separate categories (animals, flowers, transport, Olympic Games, paintings, etc. etc.).
If you already feel your collection is complete, you can enter the specialties! J
I will always be able to show you something new! J

On the site we offer nice quality goods at low prices!
My goal is to get more returning customers!

If you have any questions, look for me with confidence in email: !

Greetings from Hungary,